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Tenure For Teachers To Increase Their Efficiency In Educating The Students

Aside from raising the teacher’s salary, there are other ways to increase their morale and be more effective in teaching lessons to their students. For one, giving tenure to teachers is suggested to achieve the said goal. To receive tenure means that you can never get fired or be let go by your employer, unless there is justifiable cause presented. In the case of teachers, being tenured will prevent the school district from removing them from their positions.

Many states in the country are already granting tenure to public school teachers, especially to those who have very satisfactory ratings within a significant period of time. For example, those who exhibited exemplary performance as teachers for up to five years are more likely to be granted tenure. For some other states, however, giving tenure is not among the rewards that public school teachers can have. With this, there is a call to make the granting of tenure mandatory for every state in the country, given that there are many teachers out there who do not receive enough credit or reward for their many years of service to their schools.


Issues That Arise When A Teacher Becomes Tenured

Teachers who receive tenure will be protected from unjust dismissal due to conflicting beliefs or opinions with school administrators. For one, a tenured teacher cannot be fired for disagreeing with his or her superiors in teaching contentious or controversial subjects such as evolution. A tenured teacher becomes more confident in teaching topics that he or she believes is crucial in honing the students’ character.

However, there is also a downside in granting tenure to teachers all over the United States. If ever a tenured teacher becomes involved in misconduct which involves a student, it will be difficult for the parents to charge the teacher or subject that teacher into punishment.

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