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Going To School Is Not Just About Getting High Score In The Exam

Have you ever questioned the purpose of being sent to school as kids? Our parents worked hard to keep us inside the classroom, and hopefully to learn a lot of details that would help us later on in our lives. However, with mind-numbing tests and homeworks that were given to us daily, we might have thought about giving up, and just make it appear that going to school have no importance. For starters, this kind of thinking is very wrong. Yes, our teachers may have given us exams that are way too difficult, but that is not the only thing that should define our school experience.


Each one of us must be sent to school because it is the place that can help develop our interest for extracurriculars, and not just the academic field. For example, people who attend school have the capability to participate in after school activities. That student can develop a talent in dance, football, chess, math club, and many other extracurricular activities, thus, showing it is important for one to go to school.

Casopis InterFON is a special blogging site dedicated to bring you helpful information and tips on how we can make the experience of our children inside their school worthwhile. They deserve to receive only the best quality of education, but there are issues that continue to plague the schools in the United States and affect the experience of the students. The last thing we want to happen is to see our children stepping out of the school with harsh memories as students. The school must be successful in shaping them to become smart and responsible citizens of our country.