AY 2015

Why Do We Even Bother Sending Our Kids To School?

The journey that the children and their families take together as the former are sent to school sure is long and tedious. It is not easy for the kids to go through different levels of education, from kindergarten, elementary, high school, to college, and hone their skills that will be useful once they decide to start a new life by themselves. Aside from the students, the parents can also have a hard time just to sustain their children’s need in learning. However, there is NO reason to think or question about the importance of sending our children to school. For one, education is a basic right of each and everyone of us.

Firstly, a person must attend school because it is a way for him to realize what does he want to be when he grows up. The school, even as early as kindergarten, helps a lot in determining a child’s forte or major, and we could see what kind of professional our children would be several years from now. This is the reason why the teachers kept on asking us what career we would like to pursue in the future. As students, shifting to elementary and high school is the point where we began to gravitate towards a certain discipline and when they finally make it to college a discipline may be chosen and pursued.

However, it should be noted that school does not only prepare you for your future major it prepares one for the real world. The stress, time management, and the priority making begins in the classroom, and this is where we are trained to handle all the hardships that we are about to face in the real world, outside the confines of the school. Students are given homework in order to complete before certain deadlines, prioritize specific assignments and activities.

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