What If We Change The Grading System In The United States?

Casopis InterFON believes that there are still unexplored solutions to improve the current state of education system in the country. With fresh and relevant issues being brought up everyday, we can learn about our options to give the highest quality of learning to the students that they all deserve.

There are movements today that advocate for the revision of the education setup in the country. Experts believe that by trying new ideas, there might be positive effects in the learning experience of the students. For one, critics claim that the traditional models of student assessment place so much importance on standardization and testing that the students no longer care about actually understanding the lessons presented in class. It is possible that the traditional grading models do not sufficiently measure many of the skills that are most prized in the 21st-century workforce, such as problem solving, self-advocacy, and creativity. As a result, a growing number of schools around the U.S. are removing the A-F letter grades in favor of the new assessment systems.

The Mastery Transcript Consortium is a group of more than 150 private high schools that have presented the idea of demolishing the grade-based transcripts in favor of digital ones that provide qualitative descriptions of student learning as well as samples of student work. Some of the most famous private institutions in America have signed on, including Dalton and Phillips Exeter. To note, the Mastery Transcript Consortium was formed only in 2017.

Still, there is no guarantee that removing the usual A-F grading system will improve the quality of learning of the students in different schools. Although, no one will ever know its effects until we have actually tried it inside the classroom.