Why Does Ranking Matter In Choosing The Right College?

It is just good sense to choose the school with high ranking as you plan for your college life. Every year, high school graduates and their families are looking into the list created by the US News and World Report, a publication that gives the public an idea about the best colleges and universities in the country. You can expect that the list always changes year after year when there are schools that showed great potential, thus getting higher rankings in the updated list.

People take in these published rankings seriously like these can dictate the course of the lives of students as they step into college. The sad thing is these people don’t truly understand the metrics considered in making the list. Some critics actually argue that the calculation that some publications and organizations use in creating the rankings must be revised, as the current system does not look into the school’s lack of substantive changes to their programs or institutional policies. Those schools who are already in the top spots tend to remain in those positions every year, while not being challenged to improve their educational programs.

This is not to mention the possible manipulation of these rankings, wherein some schools opt to fake the results of their students’ evaluation exam scores to make it appear that they offer the best quality of learning. Unfortunately, many people are easily swayed by these rankings without questioning the actual capability of these top colleges and universities to hone their student’s skills and make them productive citizens of the country. Casopis InterFON gives importance to the facts that can make or break the learning experience of our children in school.