Make Sure That Your College Is Accredited To Avoid Wasting Time and Money

There are many ways on how we can still improve the quality of education in the country, but in order to address all the issues that plague our education system, we must first focus on the root cause. Casopis InterFON will bring you the relevant information concerning our children’s learning in school, and perhaps introduce a solution to protect the students’ right to quality education.

Among the problems that students continue to face up to this day is finding the right institution to continue their post-high school education. Due to high cost of enrolling in different colleges and universities in the United States, some families are drawn into low-cost tertiary schools that claim to offer the same programs as the other well-known campuses. However, students are not aware that many of these schools are not accredited or recognized by the US Department of Education. As the country’s official accreditor, factors such as the school’s facilities, equipment, curricula, admission practices, faculty, and support services are taken into consideration. This way, we can ensure that a particular school is capable of delivering high standard of education and produce graduates with great potentials of shaping the society.

Being enrolled in an unaccredited school means that the student has wasted time and money because he or she won’t be even recognized as a college graduate, thus lowering the chances to get a high-paying job. Although, some critics point out that the country’s accreditors also have some flaws in implementing their rules and regulations. It can also happen that accreditors fail to assess an institution’s success with respect to the students’ achievement, and all that matters is the material features of the school. There are also some colleges that have questionable school rules, low graduation rates, and high student loan default rates that are still accredited.