Moving Up To College Can Be Exciting, But Also Challenging For Both Students And Their Parents

In Casopis InterFON, you will learn more about the pressing issues that conern the quality of education here in the country. As parents who want a brighter future to our children, ensuring that they will only receive proper education inside their school is our responsibility.

As we already mentioned in the previous pages, our public schools are plagued with several challenges that threaten the students’ learning. However, as they step out of the K-12 education system and move forward to the tertiary level, bigger challenges await them. In fact, not only the students moving up to college will experience these challenges, but also their very households as well. The parents who support their children’s education from kindergarten will need to work double time to make sure that the children will make it through college.

Providing the students’ need in elementary, middle, and high schools is not easy, but at least there are public institutions out there that can help the parents shoulder the expenses of the children’s education. When it comes to college, it becomes harder because sending children to the tertiary level costs a huge sum of money per semester. Those who really want their kids to reach college level will have to make compromises in their budget, which can be very brutal to the point that the household’s budget for food and other important things is put at stake.