AY 2016

Have you ever wondered by we had to attend school as kids? For starters, asking this kind of question is no use, since everyone has the right to be educated in schools. In fact, we can be sued by the government itself if we refuse to send our children to school. We should be happy that our right to education is being protected, but still, some of us tend to question the reason of going to school. This is quite understandable, since all of us had that undesirable memory of solving really challenging math problems. Others might had to deal with spelling words that were new to them. However, school is a lot more than those things.

By going to school, our children will eventually learn something throughout their years in kindergarten and elementary, especially high school and college (that is you will be successful to send them to post-high school education). Compared to someone who does not pursue a higher level of learning, those people who are able to finish school have bigger potential of surviving the actual world. For example, someone who attends school 5 days a week, 8 hours out of the day for 9 months will maintain a huge amount of information compared to someone who does not have education shared to them.

Casopis InterFON is a special blogging site dedicated to bring you helpful information and tips on how we can make the experience of our children inside their school worthwhile. They deserve to receive only the best quality of education, but there are issues that continue to plague the schools in the United States and affect the experience of the students. The last thing we want to happen is to see our children stepping out of the school with harsh memories as students. The school must be successful in shaping them to become smart and responsible citizens of our country.