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Casopis InterFON is a special blogging site dedicated to bring you helpful information and tips on how we can make the experience of our children inside their school worthwhile. They deserve to receive only the best quality of education, but there are issues that continue to plague the schools in the United States and affect the experience of the students. The last thing we want to happen is to see our children stepping out of the school with harsh memories as students. The school must be successful in shaping them to become smart and responsible citizens of our country.

We might wonder why do we have to attend school in the first place. For starters, every citizen has the right to education, and the government sees to it that every child is sent to school to learn. Aside from education being a basic right, we should attend school so that we can develop our networking and social skills. Some people might think that school is all about numbers and words, but they tend to forget that school is a training ground for the actual world. We are not expected to solve challenging math problems or spell unknown words after graduation. The important thing that we should have already learned from school is how to deal and interact with different people.

Students are surrounded by students in the classrooms, hallways, bathrooms, and lunchrooms so students have no choice but to socialize and garner friends throughout their educational career. The relationships that are made during school are relationships that will help others get things that would be more difficult if that student had not made those friendships.