A Rehab Patient That Was Helped by Just a Pill

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Doctors in a Rehabilitation Center Use This Pill in Their Patients 

Rehabilitation doctors and movement scientists are working with a doctor and endocrinologist Pim de Ronde, head of the Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, Pill Bottle, Medication“steroids outpatient clinic” at the Spaarne Gasthuis, on a research protocol of 2019 Anabolics.Com Reviews | Safe Legal Anabolics Stacks & Supps that patients could receive under strict conditions. With the anabolic steroids, the muscles of (partially) paralyzed patients can be strengthened, which in the extreme case could make them stand or even walk. The thickening of muscles could also reduce sore spots. The plan came about as a result of a meeting between doctors and scientists that Michel Karsten, the doctor from Haarlem who died last week, recently initiated.

Rehabilitation World
Karsten gained national fame because he spoke out openly about providing doping to top athletes. In recent years he has advocated the use of steroids in rehabilitation. Anabolic steroids are not prohibited in the Netherlands. “But in the rehabilitation world, anabolic steroids are looked at with suspicion,” Karsten said in one of his last conversations with de Volkskrant. “Doctors often think: that is doping, I am not starting that. But I think: also look at what they can do. “

He came up with the idea after being called by a patient with incomplete paraplegia in 1992 – just after the affair involving the Dutch skaters at the Winter Games in Albertville. “The man had practiced for ten years in a fitness center, but he just couldn’t get out of that wheelchair. He wanted so badly to be able to walk and lift his child. I had no experience with this type of patient, but I said: come and visit. “

The man arrived with a wheelchair. Karsten prescribed a cure for him with the muscle-strengthening Deca-Durabolin. “He returned after nine weeks. With one elbow crutch under his arm, he entered my practice on foot. He was wobbly, but he was very happy. “The patient confirms the course of events. He still uses steroids and runs for three hours a week – slowly – on a treadmill. He can also get up from his wheelchair himself.

Excessive Hair
The effect of anabolic steroids on humans has never been properly investigated. However, side effects from the power sports world are known, such as acne, mood and libido problems. In women, it can also lead to excessive hair growth, a heavy voice and fertility problems.

The question is whether the possible benefits of the muscle enhancers outweigh the side effects. According to Karsten, this did not have to be a problem. “With my experience,” he said, “I know you can limit side effects in men very much.” In women, however, side effects can be irreversible, he said. “But if you work with a low dose and only administer it periodically, you can minimize the effect on women.”

Professor of Rehabilitation Research Thomas Janssen of the VU University Amsterdam, connected to the Rehabilitation Center, is also one of the drivers of the protocol. “We should at least consider using steroids in this group,” he says. “This discussion must be conducted. Paraplegic patients often live on the edge of dependence. I have been wondering for a while why doctors are so reluctant to do this, while this medicine strengthens the muscles. I suspect that most doctors have insufficient experience with anabolic steroids. “

Weight Training
“The idea behind it is plausible,” says Pim de Ronde, an endocrinologist at the Spaarne Gasthuis. “And it matters a lot to these patients whether or not they can get out of their wheelchairs.” He says he will start using the protocol next year. “I cannot say in advance whether it will work with paraplegic patients. If you give steroids to athletes who train a lot and eat well, the muscle mass naturally increases.

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